Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf | re:define ART short film feature
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re:define ART short film feature


re:define ART short film feature

re:defineART  | A creative journey of self-expression | short film feature | August 2018


re:defineART prompts those that love art to view it through a new lens. This lens frames art as a journey of self-expression by delivering content that connects you to the creative behind the work.


Watch the teaser below. Go  to watch the full film.



Human forms, desire and mortality emerge from the collection of paintings lining the wall of Rebecca’s south London studio. These images take up the notion of identity, particularly of the archetypal female, and echo of a time when, as a child, Rebecca would fondly draw mythological figures.

As with many artists her work reflects the prominent themes of her surroundings: being raised in a matriarchal family with her own mother working as a portrait painter. Her style, then, is nothing if not intuitive of her own identity.
Upon meeting Rebecca it becomes obvious that the actuality of women is more than an abstraction carried across her artistic pieces. It’s something that has manifested in her career and life journey.

 She has served as Vice President of the Society of Women Artists for the past few years now and will be co-curating Picasso’s Women, an all female artist show including theatrical performances and monologues, which you can catch at Gallery Different from the 24th of September.